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  • Aeromar
  • Air Arabia
  • Air Burkina
  • Air Cairo
  • Air Malta
  • Air Serbia
  • Avianca Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cambodia Angkor Air
  • EgyptAir
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Gulf Air
  • ITA Airways
  • Kenya Airways
  • Oman Air
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian
  • RwandAir
  • Singapore Airlines
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • THAI Smile Airways
  • Vietnam Airlines
Where do you want to travel?
Where do you want to travel?

Enter inputs for one or more origin/destinations to create your customized travel zone.
A Travel Zone contains all the destinations where you can fly to or from by using the Flight Pass and includes all flights operated by the selected airline. All you have to do is pick the Zone that covers all the destinations you want to travel to/from.
Select your Travel Zone with one or more origin/destinations
  • Global
  • Acapulco ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Colima ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Guadalajara ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Guadalajara ⇌ Puerto Vallarta Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Mexico City ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Mexico City ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Mexico City ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Mexico City ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Mexico City ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Colima Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Ciudad Victoria Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Ixtepec Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Lazaro Cardenas Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Piedras Negras Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Colima ⇌ Ciudad Victoria Select
  • Colima ⇌ Ixtepec Select
  • Colima ⇌ Lazaro Cardenas Select
  • Colima ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Colima ⇌ Piedras Negras Select
  • Colima ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Colima ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Colima ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Colima ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Ixtepec Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Lazaro Cardenas Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Piedras Negras Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Ciudad Victoria ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Guadalajara ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Lazaro Cardenas Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Piedras Negras Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Ixtepec ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ McAllen Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ Piedras Negras Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Lazaro Cardenas ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Piedras Negras Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Puerto Vallarta Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • McAllen ⇌ San Luis Potosi Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Tepic Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Piedras Negras ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Piedras Negras ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Piedras Negras ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Piedras Negras ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Puerto Vallarta ⇌ San Luis Potosi Select
  • Puerto Escondido ⇌ Tepic Select
  • Puerto Escondido ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Puerto Escondido ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Tepic ⇌ Veracruz Select
  • Tepic ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Veracruz ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
  • Aguascalientes ⇌ Monterrey Select
  • Aguascalientes ⇌ Puerto Vallarta Select
  • Guadalajara ⇌ Mazatlan Select
  • Laredo ⇌ Mexico City Select
  • Mexico City ⇌ Morelia Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Monterrey Select
  • Monterrey ⇌ San Luis Potosi Select
  • Monterrey ⇌ Torreon Select
  • Aguascalientes ⇌ McAllen Select
  • McAllen ⇌ Torreon Select
  • Acapulco ⇌ Laredo Select
  • Laredo ⇌ Ixtepec Select
  • Laredo ⇌ Puerto Escondido Select
  • Laredo ⇌ Zihuatanejo Select
Full Match
Partial Match
Travel Zone
The Travel Zone defines the set of all destinations where you can fly to/from by using the Flight Pass Option. You can fly on any of the flights operated by the selected airline to/from the specified destinations included in your Travel Zone. Hence, pick the Travel Zone that covers all the destinations you want to travel to/from.
Advanced Search
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Learn about Flight Pass
Flight Pass Option - Fly more, pay less (up to 75% off)!*
Flight Pass allows you to conveniently pre-purchase a Number of Flights at an agreed LOW PRICE and enjoy the privilege of booking flights later as per your need. The more credits you buy, the cheaper it gets.
Cheapest Flights (up to 75% off). No more fare increase as your Flight Pass LOW fare is locked-in. Book even peak period flights at low price!
No blackout dates. No hidden fees or restrictions. No surcharges or additional fees. Fly on any date. No restrictions on trip duration
Book flight until the last available seat subject to your Advance Booking limit (minimum days before travel you must book) and Travel Period
Customize Flight Pass to suit your needs; Number of Flights, destinations to fly to, Travel Period, users who can book and fly etc
Pay only 20% upfront and rest later with easy installments
Pool and share your Flight Pass with friends, family or colleagues
A great travel solution for both leisure and business travel
With Flight Pass, you can Fly more, Pay up to 50% less, save time and effort in trip planning and booking and enhance your travel convenience!
*For exact Flight Pass conditions or benefits for your airline, please check the FPo Rules of the respective airline on the payment page.
Learn more...

Buy a Flight Pass in 3 different ways!

  • Express buy
  • Customize and buy
  • Create your own Flight Pass

Click 'Express buy'

Visit deals section and
click 'Express buy' for
your desired Flight Pass.

Review and pay

Review and make payment.
You may choose a flexible payment
plan with easy installments.

Click 'Buy'

Visit deals section and
click "Buy" for your
desired Flight Pass.

Customize your pass

Customize your Flight Pass by
selecting desired features.

Review and pay

Review and make the payment.
You may also choose a flexible payment
plan with easy installments.

Choose your pass parameters

In the 'Create your own Flight Pass'
section, select your desired Flight Pass
parameters and click search.

Select your Flight Pass

From the search results,
click 'Buy' button to select
your desired pass.

Customize your pass

Customize your pass by
selecting desired features.

Review and pay

Review and make the payment.
You may also choose a flexible payment
plan with easy installments.

How can I book flights after purchasing my Flight Pass?


Login to your Optiontown account

Visit 'Book Flight' tab in the
Flight Pass section and enter your
login details.

Select Flight Pass and
input flight search

Choose Flight Pass you want to redeem.
Input flight search criteria.

Select your flight

Select desired flight from
the search results.

Add passengers

Add passengers. Pay the
booking installment if applicable.

Booking confirmation

View confirmed
flights in your account.
Flight Pass Benefits
Fly More, pay less (up to 50% off)
Save up to 50% on flight costs. No need to worry about fare increase as your low fare is locked-in
Pool and Share
Share your flight pass with friends, family or colleagues
Personalized for you
Customize your favorite destinations, Number of Flights, number of users, Travel Period, etc. to suit your needs
Ultimate peace of mind in travel planning and booking
Make your booking & travel experience more convenient and relaxed. Save time and effort in searching flight deals.
Book last available seat
Enjoy the luxury of booking the last available seat on any flight.
More vacations, more family trips, more savings
Cheapest, yet most convenient way to travel more and more for fun or pleasure.
Pay only 20% and rest later
Just pay 20% upfront and rest later in easy installments
Most cost efficient way for business travel
Book flights at last minute, manage travel online, share flight pass across all employees and earn maximum savings.


What is Flight Pass Option?

What features of the Flight Pass can I customize?

How to get the cheapest price with Flight Pass?

How can I share my Flight Pass with others?