FlatBed in Economy - 3 empty seats in a row! Most comfortable way to travel in economy class!
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Air Burkina
  • Air Burkina
  • TAP Air Portugal
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1 Passenger
10 Credits
  • 4 Credits
  • 6 Credits
  • 8 Credits
  • 10 Credits
  • 12 Credits
  • 14 Credits
  • 16 Credits
  • 18 Credits
  • 20 Credits
  • 22 Credits
  • 24 Credits
  • 26 Credits
  • 28 Credits
  • 30 Credits
  • 32 Credits
  • 34 Credits
  • 36 Credits
  • 38 Credits
  • 40 Credits
  • 46 Credits
  • 50 Credits
  • 56 Credits
  • 60 Credits
  • 70 Credits
  • 80 Credits
  • 90 Credits
  • 100 Credits
  • 130 Credits
  • 150 Credits
  • 180 Credits
  • 200 Credits
  • 230 Credits
  • 250 Credits
  • 280 Credits
  • 300 Credits
  • 350 Credits
  • 400 Credits
  • 450 Credits
  • 500 Credits
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Learn about Empty Seat OPass
Empty Seat OPass - More space, comfort and style in economy class!
Empty Seat OPass is the most comfortable, convenient and economical way to travel in economy class! When you buy an Empty Seat OPass, you pre-purchase empty seats at a very low price (up to 50% less, much lower than buying single empty seats separately), and can book empty seats later when needed. You get the exclusive right to use the assigned seats throughout the flight – stretch out, relax, sleep flat comfortably or do your work with more room and privacy.

Empty Seat OPass makes the process to reserve empty seats simpler, faster and easier and cheaper! You get the advantage of locked-in empty seat prices.
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How can I buy an Empty Seat OPass?
Visit www.Optiontown.com and select the 'Empty Seat OPass' tab.
Enter inputs for your desired Empty Seat OPass features (airline, number of empty seats, travel period, destinations you want to fly to and number of Passengers) and click search.
Select your desired Empty Seat OPass from the search results.
Review and make payment to complete the purchase transaction.
Now, you are ready to sign-up for Empty Seat Option by redeeming your Empty Seat OPass.
How to get empty seats with Empty Seat OPass?
Visit www.Optiontown.com and select the Empty Seat OPass tab.
Click on Redeem OPass and login to your account.
Select the Empty Seat OPass you wish to redeem and enter the details of your booking on which you want to sign-up for Empty Seat Option
Select the number of empty seats / flat-beds you want
Review and confirm your selection.
You will be notified of your Empty Seat award status via email usually one to three days but no later than four hours before the flight departure. If not assigned empty seats, the empty seat credits will be added back to your Empty Seat OPass.
Empty Seat OPass Benefits
  • Comfortable way to travel
  • Exclusive usage of FlatBeds
  • Virtual Private Cabin
  • Substantial savings
  • Tailor made for you
  • Pool and Share
  • Empty Seat for one or more
  • Boost your productivity
  • Easy to change / manage


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